How To Add Subtitles To Videos On iPhone

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Add Subtitles Using

Video content has quickly become the easiest way to reach a wider audience.  From Facebook to Instagram to YouTube, a great video is sure to break through the social media noise.  But video isn’t always accessible.  Your video could become obsolete if the viewer is hearing-impaired or watching your content without sound.  Enter subtitles. You’re […]

How To Check Video Resolution On Mobile Phone

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Checking Video Resolution

Creating strong video memes involves several factors: compelling yet simple text, clean design, and engaging content.  Yet video resolution is one of the elements that’s often overlooked.  Video resolution is a term that describes the clarity of your video, typically defined using a number like 360p or 720p. The resolution number signifies the number of […]

4 Reasons Video Memes Are Effective

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Video Memes Are Effective

Brands and content users alike have understood the power of viral video for years. “Numa Numa”, considered by many to be the first viral video, just celebrated its 12th anniversary. But, over the last year, viral video has evolved to include video memes. Video memes have transitioned from a social media novelty to a leading […]