How to Use Effectively to Create Beautiful Video Memes

Create Beautiful Video Memes To Get You More Views

Video memes are the most effective way to break through the noise on social media. However, you need to create beautiful video memes to reach your target audience and effectively convey your intended message. Viewers love interacting with high-quality video, engaging text, and bold layouts. provides you with several ways to create a killer video meme. But first, you need the video.

Upload Your Video

The most important part of your video meme is the video. Content aside, the video’s resolution is crucial in determining how great the video looks in your target user’s newsfeed. With, it’s best to upload high definition videos with a minimum resolution of 640 pixels wide and a symmetrical height measurement. For best quality on Instagram, upload videos with a resolution of 640 x 640. You can upload higher-quality videos, up to 1080 pixels, but the file size significantly slows your upload speed. Facebook videos look best with a 1080 x 1080 resolution, and you can even record HD video directly with the app.

Clip Your Video

You’ve uploaded your video. Now, it’s time to edit it down for maximum impact. First, you must consider the time restrictions imposed by the network on which you’ll be posting your video meme. Instagram allows 1-minute videos; Facebook doesn’t have any restrictions on length. Second, you must also be aware of time restrictions imposed by Free version of allows you to clip videos up to 30 seconds whereas PRO allows up to 6 minutes.

If these time limits sound short to you, don’t worry. Short videos are the most effective. According to HubSpot, 56% of videos published in 2016 were less than 2 minutes long. And those videos only retain about half of their audience until the end.  Shorter is better.

Choose Template

Templates are an important design element of your video meme because you want it to be aesthetically pleasing. But more important, the templates are designed to fit different aspect ratios of user videos. You want your video to fit the template properly. A 16:9 video works best with 16:9 video template, a 1:1 video works best with 1:1 video template, etc.

Edit Videos

Now, all that’s left is to design your video meme. There’s a lot to consider when creating beautiful video memes.

  • Font: Use the same font for all your video’s text to ensure consistency.
  • Color: Choose colors that are appealing and bold but don’t distract from your video. Some classic examples include using a black canvas with white text or, vice versa, a white canvas with black text.
  • Watermark: Make sure your watermark is visible, so your brand gets credit, but not too large.
  • Text: Proofread your message for any spelling and grammatical errors. Also, keep the message short and simple. The main purpose of your text is to drive users to watch the video. For example, “You’ll never believe…what happens next”, or “Wait for it…”

Bonus Tip: Save Styles

If you upgrade to a PRO version, you can save your style preferences and maintain brand consistency in your video memes. As per marketing blog Simply Measured, brand consistency helps you stand out from the competition and build brand loyalty—essential steps for any company or influencer.

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