Create Video Memes In 4 Simple Steps Using

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What are Video Memes?

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Why Make Video Memes?

Content Of The NOW

Dynamic and intuitive video content, over the past years, has resulted in higher engagement; and for marketers, a higher conversion for sales.

Higher Engagement

With 85% of video on Facebook is watched without sound, grabbing the attention of the users has become increasingly challenging. However, adding text on videos, such as captions, leads to higher engagement via likes or comments by 26%.

Potential Ideas

  • Horse Riding Meme
  • How To Win Giveaways Meme
  • Scary Clown Meme
  • Products Meme
  • Working Out Meme Made By
  • How To Make Cookies Meme
  • Unboxing Meme

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Simple User Interface To Quickly Produce High Quality Videos
Over 60 Pre-Built Templates To Easily Place Video & Text Bars
Over 100 Fonts To Choose From To Customize Text

How It Works?


Upload/Record Video

Upload video from photo library or cloud services, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or iCloud. or Record HD video using

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Clip Video

Clip video by dragging the yellow handles to select the right magical moment in the video.

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Choose Template

Choose from over 60 templates a template to place your video in. or Select one of saved styles to speed up the workflow.

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Add & Modify Text On Video

Tap in the text bars to add your caption to the video. Customize the text by choosing the right font from over 100 fonts available, selecting the exact color, changing the size to your liking and aligning the text appropriately.

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